Long time no Blog

Its been a while since I have posted anything here I have been hanging out a lot at BCUSA and having a great time there is a lot of great folks there.I was Honored toRecieve the Counter Tracker Blade from  the forge of Josh and Donk the Blade AKA Project-X has been in my work pack and has more than proven itself as a fine working tool I have used it to delimb, split, debark all task small and large it has excelled I will add some vids here of a workout or two at the OP-X proving grounds More later.

My Son is Currently deployed…I  am Proud beyond words as well as for all his Buddys now currently Serving  Representing all Branches to all My Brothers scattered throughout the Globe Keeping us safe and free Gods Speed Be Safe Past Present and Future Bless you all!.

More later


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Colorado Winter Hiking and Woodcraft

A little Choppin’

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Some more of My Old Gear

Heres Some of my old Gear It served Most Exellent when Wondering the San Bernardinos as a Lad lol


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“Partisan” Packs

Heres some Packs I used for some work I did.They are loaded with improvised and traditional Kit for two to Three days Afield


Heres a Great little Mini Tracker This thing is a Beast!


I have been Using The HECK

Nuff Said.

out of this mini Beast It came out Of the Blue one day From a Real Cool dude and One Heck of a Woods Beast! JCL-MD this is a Great little Blade,Thanks again Brother keep up the good work and take care!


What a Great little It lives in my Boot or my belt...GREAT KNIFE...GO!Nuff Said.STC's ...GO!Spoonage!STC's ...GO!Spoonage!

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Damascus WSK !

Check this Out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjtM7IbYUnU

Here some Pics Of This Little Damascus Tracker

Very Cool WSK Custom By Trentu and some pants I made For it.Working Art!

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Some New Knapping Projects

The Broke small WSK I made The Otzi From

Heres a Few New Knives I made, Spent a Couple of Days off With the Ka-napper kit on Go! The two shown here were the only two almost finished Tools I need to get up the back stock on Bifaces and blanks

How I hold the Knife for use.It supports the blade so you dont Bust it.lol


Small Glass WSK/TrackerOtzi The Ice Man Style Flint Knife

Operational Extras Checking In!

Welp its been quite  awhile since I have posted anything here…So Here I go

All is well I’ve posted Quite a few YouTube vids that may be of interest be sure to stop by and check those out.

The Upcoming Why I like the WSK/Tracker should be good.I have some new works for the Survival Museum and Tons of new Pics

I will start with some of those.Just some projects since my last log on here…Take care and thanks for the support!


Some of my Original Woods gear


Venison and B&Mbrown Bread Goodness Thank Mr.Sweeney!





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