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Survival, Wilderness.one each.

Some more of My Old Gear

Heres Some of my old Gear It served Most Exellent when Wondering the San Bernardinos as a Lad lol


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Damascus WSK !

Check this Out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjtM7IbYUnU

Here some Pics Of This Little Damascus Tracker

Very Cool WSK Custom By Trentu and some pants I made For it.Working Art!

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OperationalExtras …Go! For new year

Just wanted to stop in and update and say thanks for the support.More links to post soon.All is Well.

A few more points and blades

B-lanket L-unch A-xe C-up K-nife the Mr. BLACK Ultralite rig.
Anyway here’s a few pics be sure to check my youtube I have added a few new vids.http://www.youtube.com/user/OperationalExtras take care and thanks

A Hawk and a Laddle...Thats all you really need I think lol



Another Deer bone and glass knifeSkidattle pack innards...more later

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Operational Extras, My Old Medicine Knife

Sheath detail

detail of art on back

A old Green River Knife In a sheath I made years ago.

Heres one of my prized knives I was a gift of a friend

back home. He found the knife behind the USFS Ranger Station he manned.I saw the knife in his shed on a visit and went nuts, Is that what I think it is Sez I? that ol’thang I use that ta cut string,Found it out back sez he…Dude this is a green River Buffalo Skinner sez I! you like that thang …Take it sez he…
 Ive had it for years and carried it in a piece of fire hose…Till one winter we were Snowed in and I made it a propper Sheath Using the parts from my parts bucket I made this pre Trade era Sheath,Thought it fitting for a trade era knife I used no Glass beads,metal or european imported bits and tried to stay with a plains theme with what I had in the scrap bucket.Here it is

un sheathed

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You have to climb before you can expect to see the View!

And once you reach the top KEEP ON GOING!


I might not be on the Mountain today but I continue to climb .Ya just have to keep pressing on.

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Deer bone and glass = knife

deer bone and glass = knife

here’s a little knife I made this saturday for a matey,Enjoy Brother!

M/BK of OP-X

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ooooh thats a greet beeeg heeeed

Lots of things happening,some good, some not so good,but thats life eh? got some new projects on the go,added some new low tech  YouTube – OperationalExtras’s Channelstuff check it out hope you enjoy.

take care and stand by fer winter! I predict a harsh level of 9er at least.

be safe, have fun


A pic from Mt.Whitney


Trackin' near ******

 this pic above and think its my favorite!

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Scrappy-X vs the Skunk

Scrappy Doo Ready for battle!...Skunk bitches!

Scrappy Doo Ready for battle!...Skunk bitches!

HERE I COME!!!Activate laser eyes... GO!

HERE I COME!!!Activate laser eyes... GO!

One night,about 6 weeks ago, the Wife and I were lounging roun the house watching some forgettable TV,with our highly trained Dachshund Scrappy Marcivious Doo aka Mr.Billingsworth.Suddenly, The long haired, short legged K9 pinged on something out back and was on! Scrapp made a howling sound that my wife or myself have never heard from any beast…here’s the events as they happened
I jumped up, Scrapp was at the glass door,he almost went through I let him out and I followed, he launched off the deck and engaged what at first I thought to be a cat…wrong…skunk! oh blank sez I…what is it sez She…A blankinSkunk!…STORE !TOMATO JUICE! CAN! LARGE 3 EA. GO!…rog that sez she( she’s cool like that)
Scrapp and skunk break contact,I grab Scrapp and sniff check…Do Not Ever Do that! Yep direct hit…I almost passed out.watched Skunk go under fence.
Got hose on go,grabbed ice chest,inserted Scrapp,Started irrigating eyes,nose mouth,and neck area.wife back with tomato juice, listerine and some soaps…She gave me first can I pour it on…Scrapp’s like Dad what are you doing dude and he’s starting to flip out…second can…go! I went for the second can and Scrapp hops out of the cooler NOOOOOOh!!! he’s heading for the door to go in… I grab him … I slip in tomato juice, hit my arm and head on the brick’s of the house…arrrrrgh!holding Scrapp up with one hand and even in my pain there on my back the Skunk sprayed, Ketchup dog held to the stars struck me as funny…I thought I had a fractured arm for sure and could not continue the de-contamination procedures and my better half took over and was a trooper!and we(she) washed Scrapp
day 2. Scrapp had quite a few baths with different concoctions and myself with a badly bruised but not broken arm I went to work.
5:00am I tell my story to a fellow from (unnamed small S.American region) about the events before we headed out and he informs me. Oh Si Zorrillo(skunk),Coffee,coffee!no problem…Coffee sez I…yes yes coffee sez he.
I went home brewed a large, pot let it cool poured some on Scrapps unwashed collar…it worked the smell went away the collar smelled like coffee no skunk smell.I used the rest on Scrapp(spot cleaning and detail work)
So… coffee strong,cool coffee! takes that smell out
Long rant, but just had to get it off my chest…Coffee is the key
Thank’s take care Scrapp sez Hello!

“Oh Greet,Me shemagh jus fell in the stew!”
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Space Pee!

A few day’s ago I read a story about the Shuttle releasing the pee from the ship before re-entry. many people saw this and thought they saw a cosmic event Nope just pee say’s NASA.this reminded me for some reason of a quote I read years ago in regards to the way people abuse the Earth with no real concern for the damage they cause.not sure who said it(Edward Abbey???) but it was something like”Mankind would Piss on the morning star if he knew he could reach it”.Well there ya go! good on ya NASA were almost there!
Rant over. M/BK out.

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