from center left 3 phases of the Bolt Knife.plus a SOG.Lone Wolf and Spyderco

from center left 3 phases of the Bolt Knife.plus a SOG.Lone Wolf and Spyderco

Here’s something I sent out awhile ago,thought it may be of interest.some details have been left out.enjoyOperationalExtrasTee_browninkcopy

Hello all,
  I just wanted to send this out and see what comes of it.I’m trying to get an idea on whats being used and whats sitting in the “chow box” Im not looking for to much detail unless you what to share a story or two.If there’s something you were issued or purchased that’s great or just didnt make the cut I’d like to hear about it.OK here we go.
   What: folding knife
             Sheath knife
              Multi tool
              Axe…………..Were you issued,and what of the list above do you really use if not the same as issued. In advanced thank’s and take care.also feel free to forward this to the folks you think might be of help.
    see ya in the high grass.
          Mr. Black
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Mr Black et al.,

While I anticipate that I will likely get some grumbles/sneers from my esteemed colleagues in your recipient listing, I have found that the gear issued during S-V81-A (SERE instructor training) has proven to be the best bang for the buck. And yes, I have tried some of the more Gucci-esque gear that’s floating around and still come back to what was issued because it just plain works. 

Folding knife – U.S. knife. Yes there are sharper knives out of the box with ultra-ninja-cool urban camouflaged blades that open via mind control… Nevertheless, when it comes to having one folder that can skin an animal, make feather sticks, be sharpened easily, punch through leather with an awl, and open a can-o-pork-n-beans, the U.S. knife comes through.

Sheath knife– Bolt knife. Again, this is by far one of the toughest knives I’ve ever used. It sharpens easily and can be pounded straight through the middle of a piece of bolt of wood beer can in diameter… or larger, IF you know what you’re doing. Moreover, if you bite off more than it can chew and the knife bends, you can typically bend it back into its original configuration and press-on. Try doing that with some new fangled composite blade… it’ll break every time. Lastly, I have yet to find a knife that throws as well as the bolt knife. Sticks almost every time at 7 paces (thrown from the tip), whereas my **** ***** “throwing knives” broke within a week of heavy throwing and threw like crap to begin with.

While I acknowledge that my affinity for the gear that I was originally trained with might partially be attributed to the law of primacy, when I’m gearing up for a trip, anecdotally I notice that my $250 Tom Brown Tracker knife stays at home, while my $18 bolt knife makes the “cut” every time.

Then again, I’m just a lowly Lt… what the hell do I know about cutting implemements!

BTW- As I write this, I am sitting here staring at the finest knife I’ve ever laid my eyes upon… A finely knapped brown flint blade, elk antler handle wrapped with sinew, set upon a fine piece of ****** river driftwood, encircled with barbed-wire from ** ****** ****. Thanks again bros. Truly one of my most prized possessions.

I look fwd to hearing from the others. 


I too will more than likely get some of those grumbles from the peanut gallery but here goes…

Folder…I have to agree with Jeff here that the US is really good but over all I like the Gerber EZ-out with a straight blade, light weight, easily sharpened and can do anything the US can “in the right hands” at about $20 bucks or so it’s a good value.

Fixed blade…for the most part my Tom Brown tracker stays in the “chow box” also but its little brother is mighty fine.  The Tops knife called the cougar claw is awesome at everything the bolt knife (still a fine blade) can do and you cant bend it.  But doesn’t throw as well so for that the Bolt is hands down the best.  Touché Mr skull tracker!

Axe…as far as axes go I don’t use one enough to weigh in.

Multi tool…Well Mr Black you know how I feel about these things. For those of you who don’t know let’s just say there great for people who don’t know how to use a knife.


Hmmm. I think WWI was started over a less volatile situation than the can of worms you may open up here Mr. Black…
I would agree with my esteemed colleague on the merits of the US knife. You can do almost anything with it, however fine detail work may require a finer blade with fewer multiple use functions. Say perhaps an original Schrade old-timer 340T model. If you see one of these three bladed high carbon steel knives I will gladly pay you $20.00 for it. Ahem,
Now for the fixed blade, while the bolt knife is invaluable for those less skilled at the finer arts of sharpening… Primarily LUMP’s, the Alaskan Knife issued to us at ****** has proved invaluable in my travels… From prying open a truck door to insert an improvised door unlocking device, to digging up unexploded “baseball” sub-munitions in the steamy jungle of Laos. Insofar as throwing is concerned, Ninja like capabilities should allow for a stealthy approach, precluding any needed throwing skills.
Multi-tools… There are many out there and I have been given pretty ones that sit on a shelf and some made in China by unskilled five year olds, but the Gerber Leatherman Wave, current addition, provides a plethora of tools that you wouldn’t ordinarily carry on your belt. I’m not sure how long it would take to cut through 1/4 inch plywood with a bolt knife, but I can attest to less than 10 minutes with the saw blade on the Gerber. The line was straight, and the General was happy. Again some detail work requires a different tool for a different result, if you continue to throw hotdogs down a hallway, you just end up with a messy hallway no one is satisfied with.
Machete, Again, I’m partial to my handmade Zins Bolo. There are none like it, it is mine, there will be no more. Nuff said.
Ax,  I don’t have one currently… Yes I’m sad to report that, however, if I had one issued to me I’d have to go with the Hudson bay boys ax, or a good double bit… Wood handles only, that resin, plastic, epoxy shit has a place, but not sliding through my hands as I am chopping on a tree.
These are my druthers…  If women ran the Pentagon… What would missiles look like?

Mr. Black and others…


Well there you have it! thanks guys see ya down the trail,more of this kinda stuff later.

Note: knife and “hawk” throwing,almost a traditional way to spend down time around the camp and friendly competition.NO GOOD BLADES ARE HARMED…and its really unsafe! OK go have fun.
Mr. Black       
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