FIRE! May 27, 2008


(Fire safety is key in learning any firecraft! fire as a tool for Survival is a skill that must be mastered .it is up to you to seek instruction and practice in a safe responsible way…Always Be Safe)OP-X

( taken from my old notes.)

> Bow drill,hand drill,other friction methods: what I have learned from these and what we all find out about this primitive method is It works,takes practice,you will get blisters(At First), dont stop at the first whiff of smoke,take your time making the set and even after the countless coals I have “spun” and nursed to flame the main thing I take away from the skill is:NEVER FORGET TO PACK YOUR LIGHTER AND SOME WATER PROOF MATCHES.EVER!

>Lighter: BIC… Nuff said. If you use a zippo? Try white gas It last alot longer than the zippo or yellow bottle stuff. As far as safety, I have no Idea….But it last longer.

>Windproof lighters: I have had Two. One broke ,The other I “LOST” after chucking it because It didn’t light! and there was not even any wind……I used my WP matches.If you need a lighter that will light in 60mph winds you probably start thinking about getting in some shelter before you die of exposure.

>Metal match:with a little tinder kit is the way to go.A quik scrape light your stove,make fire…I have all kinds of these and the big SHARPIE sized”ferrocerium” w/hole one each, are the best(550 lanyard GO!)…


Great skill learn it! amaze your friends!…..Down side: you need a fire to make CHARCLOTH To catch the spark…..Wheres my lighter?( more on this later).



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