well said Hambuger!

Back in 79 when black sucked as a cammo color…yes black still sucks

If You can scurry up a tree before timer on camera is up…that’s NINJA

If you can disarm a Samurai at a movie studio in Japan and make him do this face…That’s pretty NINJA

If you can climb at least this far on the wall of Osaka Castle before a Monk walks around the corner and scares the crap out of you...thats pretty NINJA

sighting down a Portugese cannon in Japan's Osaka Castle...and a ghost ofa green evil Monkey show's up on your back in the picture...Well that's just feckin wierd!

kit from the 100yen store and one of the great mountain shops in Japan


3 thoughts on “BUSHIDO-CRAFT and NINJIZM…lol



  2. gabriel

    if you cant see the ninja , after so much time in Japan…”that’s pretty ninja” LOL

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