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101_2145Hope ta get this on the go.bear with me,definitely a work in progress. I dont really have a plan or the tech savy to do to much but again bear with.alot of early pics still need to be scanned since they are are prints I’ll get on that when Ican,then I will post and ramble Id like to post some more you tube asap…

I was born in 1965 A time of adventure.Some of my earliest memorys were of adventure. On the News The Viet Nam War,those guys coming home,and alot of them that never would.Those guys,the POW’s in that jungle, how one of then”winked a message” my Dad explained later. Cape Kennedy on TV the Marx playset in my room.My older brothers G.I.Joe’s and my Adventure Team.Johnny Quest,Davey Crockett,Danial Boone,Mutual Of Omahas Wild Kingdom,the Wonderful Word of Disney” Fire on Kelly Mountain”  “Treasure Island” ” The Third Man on the Mountain””Jerimiah Johnson” The Mountainmen”…Bill Burrud,Jim Fowler, Marlin Perkins,Ule Gibbons. For the good or bad, Gilligan’s Island, Hogans Hero’s the Banana Splits Danger Island,Major Matt Mason ,Land of the lost and since weve gone there… The Flintstones. you would watch the show hopefully get the toy and guess what you would go outside and get in the dirt!

Bottle Hunting with my Dad and his buddies camping his snake grabbin, rabbit shootin buddies.Were going to the Beach,Were going to the Cabin,were going to Arizona,were going to New Mexico.Surrounded by adventures.A Grampa that was a Cowboy Another Grampa that was a Saint, the USAF SAC crews you would see at the RED DEVIL Hotdog Stand

 Every day I watched adventure walk out the door with A Colt Python 357 magnum, in a squeeky Bianchi holster w/innertube wrapped nitestick and Welligton boots…thing was, I knew he would be back cause nobody would stupid enough to f**k with my DAD.Sometimes If I caught him headin out I got to count and straiten out the bullets on that holder on the side.adventure everywhere! I think it has alot to do with who I am,what Ive done and what I get to do.Heros have led me to adventure.

Ramble over. 

take care and get out there.


August in the Sierra 92


7 thoughts on “About OP-X

  1. ryanhunt77

    Good work man I love this stuff! Iv subscribed, keep it up

  2. Manny

    Man, thanks for the memories! I grew up in the same era and almost no one I know can relate! I think my Mom gave my Matt Mason toys away. Loved watching WILD KINGDOM every Sunday…Jim Fowler wrestling wildlife while Marlon Perkins narrated from the safety of the studio, heh! Keep up the good works!


  3. mholder

    Saw you link in your signature on bushcraft.com. I’ve been wanting to do something like like this for some time. Even though it appears I’m 6 yrs older, we’ve had some similar influences. I look forward to reading more.

  4. I was hoping you maybe would do a guest post on our blog showing how you made the survival lure.
    We also post full credit and a backlink to your website.
    We would enjoy hearing from you.

    seen here- http://bushcraftusa.com/forum/showthread.php/9912-Show-us-your-quot-Para-craft-quot-!/page7

    • operationalextras

      I Just saw this Please send contact info this sounds like a blast thanks and take care

  5. Good write-up. It brought back some memories for me too.

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