Long time no blog how about some catchup?

Well it seems a lot of my blog on another site has disapeared so since this is here I hope to assemble in no real order some of the highs and lows of the last few years.As Luke the Drifter once said we’re all still livin’ so evra’thangs OK

Im not much of a writer so try to follow along.

It seems the last time I checked in was around the Otzi build up and Expedition.this was to be my 50th birthday trio of a lifetime that quickly turned for the worst on day one at Whitney portal when a blizzard,hail,rain,sleet,blizzard,freeze shut down the attempt.

I had started out of the Whitney portal with three others in support. myself, wearing the gear found with Otzi the Ice Man.

I had worked for months on the build of the the gear with many in support through donations and well wishes all was going great permits were aquired travel was covered and I arived safe to my beloved San Bernardinos to stay a few days at around 6000 feet before heading to the portal.

Before the three chaps showed, I had some time to go over gear thin and pad where needed and I dont think I sat still for hours.to be blunt the weather was shit! Rain,sleet, snow break then start all over.I had set a tarp up almost seconds after arival since I could feel no break in site.

I tried to ajust what I would need to complete the climb with all of the iconic Otzi gear plus the gear needed to get up and more importantly down a 14,496 foot Mountain

I had learn a ton about this time and one thing I found was Otzi was not traveling in a blizzard depicted in the recreations, but fare weather.

the find complex tells me that, and,growing up in the Mountains tells me that.the stuff he was wearing was about as blizzard worthy as a pentalton and a pair of levi’s. then more than ever people could read more about the environment that most of us “mods” ever will…

Much of the gear also has seemed to get like all or at most archeological finds get deemed ceremonial but my untrained scientific mind saw basic Survival gear and some raw material…

Back to my blizzard I cant belive this we have a 3 day window and thats it no hanging around no waiting for good weather and absolutely no way of going with just the basic Otzi gear and clothes the first call was the boots. I would not be able to wear the straight up Otzi copies I had worked so hard on

As we geared up I was getting pretty discouraged that we would never get out of the parking lot…

I know the people back then would of layed up and not moved in a blizzard

We moved on after some last minute changes of boots and gaitor as well as down bag and jacket stuffed in the goathide pack in this switching I left my water bottle.

The bladder I had in the pack was the back up and buried so the good Man TJ let me use one of his extras hasty start all my check list and pre climb list soaked and runny the plan is not going as planned…everyting right as close as I could get to the Bear Hat,the flint knife,the unfinished bow and arrows all the bits dual purpose to be used on the climb a life boat plan of where to go and what to eat how to use all the bits for shelter all the tasks,make fire carry coal the offering at the altitude of the find in Otzal Alps

The flag for the Summit the people that supported the whole dream… the people

All that and more, and though Ive had the Summit twice this third dream may not happen

That might be the Most amazing thing about Mountains

More on this after I get some pics uo of some more recent scrambles

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