I have not posted her in Quite awhile been on the Go! and heres some of the spots


A Dream in the works
Years ago, I came up with something I would like to do when I Turn 50 I am about a Year out and I have mentioned it many times here
Here it is I intend to climb Mount Whitney the Year of My 50th Birthday in Otzi styled Gear

I will make most of the Equipment/clothing and build in essential safety and assemble a small team I have contacted a few people that would have interest and am looking for ideas on the Documentation

Some thoughts would be collage film or doco class??? But have no idea on where to look…It may just be whatever cams we/ I can get…

I think this would happen in the spring to beat the crowds and I will have to look into all the permits soon as the spots fill fast The peak season is august but I want some snowfields
I climbed the Mountain twice and this will be the third once with buddys in California and the Second as a Guide with two SERE Specialist as a Continuation training

This would be a less rushed go taking advantage of several camps on the way up as always there my be a point where it is called but that’s how it works.
The gear will be a fun project and as mentioned I will keep it authentic but not blow off safety

I saw a re enactment of a science group re trace the routes of the Voyagers of old they made the canoes paddles clothing and flotation was added to vest and some containers to pad the risk of what they were doing

It will be done in all respects to the Man who lost his life so many years ago and other than that there is no real reason other than submersing in the Adventure of a time long past
I am in the Process of acquiring skins and scraps and to be honest My budget is Zero at this point and is still just paper and in my grape as far as the plan
Food will be traditional as possible as well as the carry methods but again I WILL have a “Life boat” plan

Whitney is not the Most technical Mountain but its is a place dear to my Heart and being the Highest point in the Contiguous USA its not to scoffed
At this point I am Sharing this thought I will add here any gear I have started or any ideas on the changes I will make such as fire kit and alternate choices Such as I may use flint and steel as opposed to pyrites quarts and fungus

It will not be a exact reenactment but I will keep as true to the time as possible and use what I have as far as Material
Anyway there it is God willing and the Crick don’t rise that’s what I want to do I hope to see this snowball grow and when it stops I will have a report on this Adventure

More here…


Just the pics

and of course still knocking out classic educational non zombie BS tactowizbang knifesturbator edge geometry string bracelet will save your life but true to life Survival and Bushcraft mini epics

HERE>  https://www.youtube.com/user/OperationalExtras

See ya soon


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  1. Lugorix

    Got a chance to see your kit in San Antonio this past weekend. Thanks for stopping by the Iron Age Celt area. We are very impressed with your progress on the whole Ötzi styled kit! Looking forward to hearing how the climb goes. Let me know if you still want any ceramics. Cheers, Jeff

    • operationalextras

      Oh Great you found my little ghost town here haha I had a great time Talking with you all sorry I rambled so much it is just ive held a lot of that ramble in since the start of this.Yes still rendering down the water carry and a simple cook pot so any recommendations on that would be great Im sure I will be seeing you all down the trail.so keep in touch tell the group I said Hey and thank you to all.Take care and the best to you and yours

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