Operational Extras Checking in

TrackertoothIts been a long Time Since I have Posted Not Sure if its Cause Ive been So Busy or just that Im Just not computer savy enough to do this easy
I have been real active on Bushcraft USA and that is my Main Camp lots of Great folks and the Bush class and The Tracker Action is a Blast.
More on the Tracker Pack Soon but if you want a peek at what it is all about Go to BCUSA and sighn up Its in my opinion the best on the Web Its a huge blend of Wilderness Goodness
Heres a few Pics some old some New Dont give up on me LOL Theres lots of good stuff in the works Check out My you Tube I am keeping up the Vids There
Thanks and Take care





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One thought on “Operational Extras Checking in

  1. I was born in 1945, right at the end of the WWII. I was raised by my grandparents till I was twelve in the mountains of West Virginia. My only tool was a pocket knife that my grandpa gave to me. With that knife I made all my toys, bows, arrows, slingshots and cars and anything else I needed. When we had family coming to eat I would ring the necks of four chickens (two in each hand). I grew up as a boy was meat to grow up, free and wild. My greatest love was finding Indian artifacts in those mountains and I look for them til this day, even though, now I live at the beach (still surrounded by Indian stuff). One day, we boys that hung out together, found a great flat rock with a natural hole in it that drew out 58 degree air like air conditioning from a cave. We sat on that great flat rock on many days when it was hotter than hell to enjoy the cool air. One day we decided to clean the leaves off that flat rock and what we found was an Indian work shop with hammer stones and chips and rocks and points and axes. It was the first most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life (and I have been around the world). We couldn’t believe the things we found. It became one of my life’s most important ambitions to collect these irreplaceable artifacts. I have seen Otzi’s tools and artifacts in Italy and I’m very impressed that you would take the time to reproduce them (almost perfectly) as you have done. You have an exceptionally good eye and memory my friend. Keep true with your dreams and interests.

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