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In my short time of sharing thoughts and views on how I use a blade its seem the more you run into the same old “what is better” and” what sucks” and “what you should use” “what they really use”  “if you use that you must this” and it goes on and on…
I was think today of how many times as a Kid cutting my teeth in this stuff, that the People I learned from the manuals and books I scoured when showing or explaining how to do something would say “OK Get your knife and cut here” or “use your knife or a Sharp edge to cut like this” “with your knife cut a small slit making sure not to cut the stitching and remove the shroud line” what ever it was there was not a lot of thought on what kind it was,Yes there were recommendations on what you may want to look at or purchase but it was not a sport in itself as it is today.
The other thing is the “what would be you only tool if you had to pick one” cult…Good God! if it ever Comes down to that there better be a lot of money involved its just not very realistic and it just seems that the folks asking that type of question have very limited knowledge of blades and their use not to mention the basic idea of Improvising a simple cutting tool or utilizing other means to break and cut stuff in the Woods or in the back yard
The Means to use a edge and even more the ability to improvise a edge and a well rounded first hand experience is Key here not the spouting of quotes from blogs and table top reviews.
Find something use it find out the limits and zero in to something that works for what you do or dream about doing the key here is USE There is to much talk.
I have been lucky to grow up around Users and doers and in my short time on the Internet have met a whole bunch of like minded folk that let the blade whatever that may be do the talking they practice and accomplish task with out to much gabbing about the molecular structure of the edge.
I Love the Quote” it aint the Arrow its the Indian” and it seems to be exactly what I was thinking during this whole rant and it could have saved me a tlot of hunt and pecking
anyway dont get to uptight about what it is getting out and using it is what its all about find out what works for you and have fun
More later


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