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Some more of My Old Gear

Heres Some of my old Gear It served Most Exellent when Wondering the San Bernardinos as a Lad lol


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“Partisan” Packs

Heres some Packs I used for some work I did.They are loaded with improvised and traditional Kit for two to Three days Afield


Heres a Great little Mini Tracker This thing is a Beast!


I have been Using The HECK

Nuff Said.

out of this mini Beast It came out Of the Blue one day From a Real Cool dude and One Heck of a Woods Beast! JCL-MD this is a Great little Blade,Thanks again Brother keep up the good work and take care!


What a Great little It lives in my Boot or my belt...GREAT KNIFE...GO!Nuff Said.STC's ...GO!Spoonage!STC's ...GO!Spoonage!

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Damascus WSK !

Check this Out!

Here some Pics Of This Little Damascus Tracker

Very Cool WSK Custom By Trentu and some pants I made For it.Working Art!

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Some New Knapping Projects

The Broke small WSK I made The Otzi From

Heres a Few New Knives I made, Spent a Couple of Days off With the Ka-napper kit on Go! The two shown here were the only two almost finished Tools I need to get up the back stock on Bifaces and blanks

How I hold the Knife for use.It supports the blade so you dont Bust


Small Glass WSK/TrackerOtzi The Ice Man Style Flint Knife

Operational Extras Checking In!

Welp its been quite  awhile since I have posted anything here…So Here I go

All is well I’ve posted Quite a few YouTube vids that may be of interest be sure to stop by and check those out.

The Upcoming Why I like the WSK/Tracker should be good.I have some new works for the Survival Museum and Tons of new Pics

I will start with some of those.Just some projects since my last log on here…Take care and thanks for the support!


Some of my Original Woods gear


Venison and B&Mbrown Bread Goodness Thank Mr.Sweeney!


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