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Flint Tracker Knife

With my "Counter Tracker" Sheath

With The TBJ for Scale

Dont think it will hold up to Battoning

This is something I have wanted to do for quite a while…so the other day I did it I made a Flint Tracker Knife…enjoy and take care.


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OperationalExtras Site Nav

Frog Leg and Cactus Samich...Go!

OperationalExtras Landnav…GO!

Just a quick note about the blog.Be sure to check the older post at the bottom of the page for some older OP-X post

All Well Just got of a three day out in the Booosh had a ball…more later.

Also be sure to check out the OP-X Channel Here for some new vids

take care.


Land NAV pic By Mr.GREY

Nanner' Spider in a old Rabbit hutch

Operational Extras, My Old Medicine Knife

Sheath detail

detail of art on back

A old Green River Knife In a sheath I made years ago.

Heres one of my prized knives I was a gift of a friend

back home. He found the knife behind the USFS Ranger Station he manned.I saw the knife in his shed on a visit and went nuts, Is that what I think it is Sez I? that ol’thang I use that ta cut string,Found it out back sez he…Dude this is a green River Buffalo Skinner sez I! you like that thang …Take it sez he…
 Ive had it for years and carried it in a piece of fire hose…Till one winter we were Snowed in and I made it a propper Sheath Using the parts from my parts bucket I made this pre Trade era Sheath,Thought it fitting for a trade era knife I used no Glass beads,metal or european imported bits and tried to stay with a plains theme with what I had in the scrap bucket.Here it is

un sheathed

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