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Deer Bone and Glass Primative Knife

Just had to put tis one up again,I had fun making it and my fingers all healed up:)


Reading some reports and blogs vid reviews on knife and tools that relate to survival and wilderness pursuits…If I opened a survival pack and found a rusty nail I would jump fer joy! I see some people really ripping on some great kit,and really think its a waste of space,the good side is alot of common every day tools and edges will be overlooked and left for the small few who can still think outside of the toolbox.
To me, the ability to improvise is the key on getting out of a tight spot,or a temporary fix till you get back to the “world”.

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Wasn’t sure where to put this but think it fits here
Forgive if this is a common project but it may be new to some.
these things are great and easy to make bear with my instruction
what you need.
plastic container round or square
knife or scissors
tea candle
Freezing temps(outdoors)…or a freezer(indoors)
>fill plastic tub with water(these can be made with any size Ice cream tub margarine or plastic milk jug(cut below handle with knife BE CAREFUL)
>place into or out in freezing area
> let freeze all but the center( you have to check on the this often so it does not completely freeze)the sides top and base should freeze hard and there should be a water pocket in the center
once to this point carefully chip a hole in top of the block and drain the un- frozen water from the block,Now remove the plastic “mold” and carefully add a tea light in the hole…Kept in freezing weather I have used these for several nights
Now I must add that the first time I made one of these I was a boy of 11 years and back then it was just a cabin fever project,but years later it proved to be a valuable Survival trick/tool.
to the folks with freezing weather its a good time to try this and if ya cant wait and you have room in the freezer give it a try.
Take care

Ice Candle

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Deer bone and glass = knife

deer bone and glass = knife

here’s a little knife I made this saturday for a matey,Enjoy Brother!

M/BK of OP-X

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