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Space Pee!

A few day’s ago I read a story about the Shuttle releasing the pee from the ship before re-entry. many people saw this and thought they saw a cosmic event Nope just pee say’s NASA.this reminded me for some reason of a quote I read years ago in regards to the way people abuse the Earth with no real concern for the damage they cause.not sure who said it(Edward Abbey???) but it was something like”Mankind would Piss on the morning star if he knew heĀ could reach it”.Well there ya go! good on ya NASA were almost there!
Rant over. M/BK out.

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Some Flint and Glass

Flint and Glass tools

Flint and Glass tools

Drilling,abrading,slicing ,cutting,scraping,sawing…GO! It’s good sometimes to set down the steel and get back to basic’s.

Take Care. M/BK

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