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Fungus pics

items show for scale.Cameo by Scrappy-X unplanned.

I’ve used this for a while as a tinder but its not (I dont think) tinder fungus101_2282101_2278101_2279101_2283.It will catch a spark from flint and steel or a ferro rod with little prep,but dont know the name.Was found on liveoak tree….and there’s more!

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New OP-X stuff on youtube!….GO!

Some more no-tec low brow Survival stuff..some test and “go to that log grabbi’n stuff as ya go and spin a coal”Picture_0238….oh,hold the camera between yer legs and breath like Darth Vader in the mic hole ……. GO! YouTube – OperationalExtras’s Channel

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101_2141Picture_0105 Again ya gotta roll with this.The right tool for the terrain.If you end up with the unexpected storm and to press on would be unsafe…you only have that “what if space bag”….then thats it, you go with it. improve and mix with natural shelter bits thats your beddy-by and you have to roll with it.

wool blanket,woobie and a moldy poncho…Heaven….roll with it and make it work. 

basha , down bag and MH 3/4 mat….luxury! sez I.

a hooped Grtx bivi…down bag and homemade uber-NINJA sleep pad….Uh HUH…ROCKSTAR!

everyone has there Favorite system but there may come a time when the hamock’s not in yer kit bag or you are in a  area w/no trees and all of retrofit  bungie gadgets to rig yer basha, end  up  holding  yer blown out homemade pack together…roll with it.We all… well most of us know how to sleep.and we know what are comfort level is as far as heat,cold,wet,and should know how to maintain that with your “planned” sleep sytem or the “unplanned” Oh crap! we go to ground here, and this is what I have to work with…..roll with it.

(old notes)

“froze hard last night…had tons of debris under beside and on top of me with the old tent fly over the mound and me….I’m sure glad I ate the last of my beans”

find yer zone….get the kit….stick with it but stay flexable  

A few ecotat freedom shelters and a German Sniper bag

A few ecotat freedom shelters and a German Sniper bag

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Links of interest to be added.

I’ll try to control myself here,and not make this into a dup of my favorites list. I’ll try to keep it fresh and not just the “have you seen that video dude”…..unless its just that great,I’ll try like I said to control myself and keep it worth your time…..I’ll try.


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101_215642d2medowalkOk,I might get the hang of  this…

NEWS flash! TRACKER KNIFE(and bits) IN HAND!!!

Will prove the nay-sayer’s WRONG!No table talk,no space-dweeb breakdown of the molecular structure of the knife and bit’s .just a little ramble on how it works perfect for what I do.I love it and its mine!and it is one hell of a Survival tool!


Retirement fer Ol’Skull Cracker…Or not.!10 years of service….is it time ta put ol skull cracker down…oh hell no! gonna hood mount it on the H3….more later!



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Picture_0288summitOk,Bear with me folks,its gonna take me a while to get used to this.I was just getting the hang of 360….and there ya go…hope its not gonna be to tricky

take care,


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Another refugee from yahoo360

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