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SITREP OP-X February 18, 2009

000_0003Picture_0283Alls well,I had some links on this post.But There not here now Ill try to figure out WTF happened and get em back up..or not. got some pics hope to get those up soon …or not.

| PROFORCE | Homepage | YouTube – OperationalExtras’s Channel TiGoat Products The Basics – ARRSEpedia MontBell America Anzac Biscuits – Recipe and the featured favorite be sure to check out Operation Bacon Salt……GO!


OK I think I know what I did,I did that cut and paste thingy,from a post I made in another fourum… and it’s no longer here…Thats cool I enjoy that fourum and the folks there are cool so I’ll just chalk it up to me being a computer dummy and not sweat it…OOOPS…Or not.maybe I just dint save it…


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