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Entry for November 17, 2008

YouTube – OperationalExtras’s Channel

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Some primative fish kit November 11, 2008

The smallest minnows with a spiderweb net,a 300lb Hog with 50lb rated cord you can get grub,but as a old Swede once said “You can take all you want,but eat all that you take”.OK you dont get what I’m sayin… are dehydrated go get some water down yer neck and rest up more later….

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Lights, ENVIS, ACTION! November 01, 2008

Picture_0053LIGHTS now…. more than anytime in History…… is the greatest time to get out and buy,em.but along with this flow of GREAT! also is a flow of CRAP!so again do your homework

From old notes:

lights!I have used all(most) of the new highspeed Ninja headlamps and “Tac” lights,Torche…”e”?……..Tactical,Tac light…when I hear this its like hearing”RAMBO KNIFE”..or “SURVIVALIST”..or”SURVIVORMAN”It makes me want to HEAVE.Note#1( unless it’s from someone who in a short time will be sending some AQ-AH for a magic carpet ride.In this instance he or she will have the world supply of batts and bulbs on hand then TAC is good! ……Site ,aquire,fire!………Upside bright as all HELL…downside exspensive bulb and batts short batt and bulb life….but then again they are bright as hell!…..default

MINI MAGLIGHT!Tough,affordable and now you can find the bulbs pretty much anywhere you go…..Batts AA no problem!The new “common” flashlight DANGER: get the real MAGLIGHT all look-a-likes are no GO!(LED upgrades and butt cap on off are out there now)

I tuck mine in a headstrap or just over my ear and under my hat for hands free lighting(most of time its in my teeth unless its too cold .unscrew the lens housing and insert the batt end to make a nice area light(candle).I have shown this to tons of people and they think Im a genious…….Its in the paperwork read that stuff.

I will always have my “sorting my stuff out around camp without waking everybody uplight”

TIKA and ZIPKA a Tika is that little dot on a Indi….. uhhh ,Read the paperwork…..Zipka…Headlamp,Lantern(put string/strap around nalgene and face light into water )Go!

>girth it around: tent pole ,ice axe,sappling,bumper……..GO!

There is a “TACTICAL VERSION” the tactika….Subdued colors,red flters…..note#2?(Heres a example of the tactical craze because there is absoloutly nothing advantageous about strapping a light on your Grape In A TACTICAL SITUATION!Exept for the enemy!)

More later………Black out.

Pic.ENVIS(The best way to see in the Dark),Surefire Exec,some IR stuff…..More later.

Tika and Zipka

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Coming SOON! 01, 2008

Shirts are on the go!

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