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Old Bow drill demo Photo May 27, 2008

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FIRE! May 27, 2008


(Fire safety is key in learning any firecraft! fire as a tool for Survival is a skill that must be mastered .it is up to you to seek instruction and practice in a safe responsible way…Always Be Safe)OP-X

( taken from my old notes.)

> Bow drill,hand drill,other friction methods: what I have learned from these and what we all find out about this primitive method is It works,takes practice,you will get blisters(At First), dont stop at the first whiff of smoke,take your time making the set and even after the countless coals I have “spun” and nursed to flame the main thing I take away from the skill is:NEVER FORGET TO PACK YOUR LIGHTER AND SOME WATER PROOF MATCHES.EVER!

>Lighter: BIC… Nuff said. If you use a zippo? Try white gas It last alot longer than the zippo or yellow bottle stuff. As far as safety, I have no Idea….But it last longer.

>Windproof lighters: I have had Two. One broke ,The other I “LOST” after chucking it because It didn’t light! and there was not even any wind……I used my WP matches.If you need a lighter that will light in 60mph winds you probably start thinking about getting in some shelter before you die of exposure.

>Metal match:with a little tinder kit is the way to go.A quik scrape light your stove,make fire…I have all kinds of these and the big SHARPIE sized”ferrocerium” w/hole one each, are the best(550 lanyard GO!)…


Great skill learn it! amaze your friends!…..Down side: you need a fire to make CHARCLOTH To catch the spark…..Wheres my lighter?( more on this later).



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POT’S- PAN’S- BILLYCAN’S! May 26, 2008


For years I used an aluminum-Billycan”W/lid one each,but it has seen better days! I now use a Snow peak Titanium “billy-can / mug W/lid…Its has been great!

The lid can be used as a pan for fry ups and toasting bread or tortillas and have even used it for my morning brew.It boils more than enough water for MH pro pack and makes a great snow scoop. I have used the big main cup as my main mug and although its Large it works great for me.The only down side is that its a little awkward to pack without the net sack to hold the lid main cup and Bits together.

as far as mugs I do on occasion take one with me.I prefer a metal cup so I can boil water if needed.The insulated big time gear logo mugs I use at home. In winter sometmes I take a Thermos bottle with cup so I can carry a supply of hot water with me for a trail brew/meal without getting the stove out………Again POCKET ROCKET…….3oz…..GO! If I was forced to choose it would be between my old Cascade cup or GI canteen cup.


the Metal cups can burn the lips off your face FACTOR is not mentioned in the paperwork,the math is simple Flame +metal cup=trip over.Let it set awhile before you chug!


I’ll try to keep this short…..I have had tons of Lexan knifes forks spoons scoops…most of them are broken, breaking mid stir of some trail concoction.yes they are light and cheap! but not for outdoor use in my experience.My # 1 choice is my SP TI Spork it is the piece I swear by!my only fear is that I might loose it I keep it on a small loop of 550 inner core to prevent this from happening…. Second choice would be a Chinese soup spoon Thick Light tough, Little short when it comes to scraping’ the bottom of the bag.

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BREW UP!May 25, 2008


3 oz……………….from sea level to 13,oooft…..GO!

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SIGNALS! May 25, 2008

“Shiney things “

There might come a time when you will have to attract attention of some one for help!

There are many types of whistles, mirrors, flares….depending what you do will decide on what you need to have on your carcuss.I recomend that every person should have a whistle with them on every person every trip especially kids.Mirrors are great for long distace signaling and the USAF small one is great! practice with a mate, aiming is key.if you cant handle the weight of one of these(you should.. just stay inside) a small junkmail cd rom or anything shiney can be used to attract attention(with practice!!!) Have your mirror and whistle on a lanyard so you dot miss a op to signal SAR and it dont fall down the cliff or to the deep 6.also you can bounce light from your flashlight at night to draw attention to your mess!MORE TO FOLLOW!!!

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Entry for May 25, 2008

Adventure travel gear!

LOGOS,Example A:I once received an order one time of some highspeed Ninja Umbrellas for adventure Travel, Half had a major mountain Kit LOGO and the other half of the box had the TARGET LOGO,They were the same! $50 for the trendy LOGO.

Check the Tags the big tech clothing company’s cut the wash tags if the item don’t make the grade!Bad stitch here ,one short sleave..I have some of this stuff(PATAGUCCI) and its fine and has lasted me years. It is good stuff for outlet price not full price Outlets are great places that pop up and blowout there Irregulars but there should never be cut tag stock on regular store racks! Other than my “last for ever” SVEA 123 stove and some other kit that has saved my a$$ out in the woods theres not really any LOGO I can Say I am PROUD of . (Alot more on gear and books to follow here And I dont know why the belt kit pic is here)


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Entry for May 25, 2008

c964bivi small

Note: on the pic. Raised platform triangle frame with Dream catcher type net made w/550 cord(you tube dream catcher to see how to do the weave)three poles tied w/550 canadian jams.the whole mess is covered with about 6 or8 gores of parachute material sew tight w/….550cord tie off poncho hood lift center and tie 4 corners….awelcoma to aneenjaaah hooooose!…..made w/CK undisclosed local…..go make one!



Many “highend” shops could care less about your trip! BE CAREFULL do the research yourself in the store ask to see the box or the catalog most staff have never used anything in the store. I did not used to be a fan of On line sales but if you know what you want and the gear is not a second or irregular piece you get a Hell of a better deal on line!They are there help if they don’t go elsewhere.there’s a few that will make the changes in your order and say “well its about the same thing”.No its not, that is unacceptable

Alot of the Odds and Bods you could only get from these shops a year or two ago can be found at you large sporting goods type places and Wally-world for that matter.Some of your big “Mountain Manly” gear company’s are now owned by fashion magazines with the Technical and the non-technical. The price on both will still be TECHNICAL. Be advised.

Also: be very careful about where and who you get your info and training from.I cant believe some of the crap I have seen presented as survival instruction on the web and TV and especially “tube” type video.I just watched some unbelievable rubbish on a video playing at a high end _ass pro shop book section.Some guy in his cotton levi’s a big old Bowie knife. they had this video on so folks watching thought it was good info…I’ve seen one  guy “Lizzy Borden”a small sapling with a tracker knife…(with a knife like that should of been a 4-6 chop) to make a hasty Bow… don’t paint a good picture for those of us who practice Survival / Bush-craft….more later.

I do not like to be Grummpy but once in a while I Just Have to let it fly lol

Take care M/BK

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Entry for May 25, 2008

Well let’s get started!

I’m not one of those sit at my table weigh my stove and watch it burn kind of people.All of my gear I use until it dies. and if I have not,I know some one that has.After 5 years of “outdoor retail”and 30 years outdoor experience . Thanks to the people I get to serve ESPECIALLY the Military Sales for which I am very Proud to go out of my way to get them ANYTHING they needed to help them get back safe!I do and have done a lot of cool things in my days but have the chance to outfit some of the most extreme adventure travelers on the planet is very close to the top of my list!

This blog is a place to pass some info,share pics and thoughts,I’ll review some gear,high-tec, low-tec, no-tec. I’m not a “survivalist” prepping for end times’ Just someone who enjoys the outdoors and the the gear and techniques used to enjoy them safely.

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